Welcome to Beyond Salad!

People often ask us what is behind the name and the logo.  We’re so glad you asked!

Often when people say that they have made a healthy dietary shift, their friends and family picture them huddled in the corner chomping down on a head of iceberg lettuce with lime for a dressing.  This is an unfortunate assumption that often serves to prevent others from making shifts in their own dietary ways.  Here at Beyond Salad, our mission is to show that there are options, TONS of options, DELICIOUS options, and not only will you love them, but they will love you back!  There is more to health than salad!

While we will mostly be presenting food, the fact is that there is more to health than Food!  We will also be presenting ideas about healthier options in all areas of life so that conscious, informed decisions can be made.  Our logo is a versatile representation of this endeavor.  With one intention, some may see a sun with a river winding through the hills at sunset.  With a different intention, one might see a fish jumping over a leaf.  Another still might reveal a mother cradling a bundled child.  Yet another might show a toucan laying on its back!  The creative possibilities of what one could see if they studied this logo long enough are endless, and so are the facets of health.  In fact, we generally consider there to be 32 Factors of Health.  Vitality comes from balance, and frankly, as much as we LOVE food, if people are eating the best way possible but still fail to nurture the other factors, vitality will continue to run from them – and we dont want that.  So prepare to find a smorgasbord of delectable bits of fodder for your discerning encephalon!



Learning to consider ongoing health in our food choices

Our goal with Beyond Salad is to provide resources that will help people define, apply and maintain a program of health that will allow them to reach their highest desired vitality.  We aim to accomplish this by offering:

[su_list icon=”http://beyondsalad.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/BeySfavicon.png”]
  • recipes showcasing creative and delicious ways to work with fruits and vegetables
  • a community gathering space for people to find support
  • reviews on products, programs, events and venues that serve the community
  • events for local participation
  • articles encouraging further research into healthy lifestyles
  • fun and engaging challenges and competitions to help practice new skills and techniques


[su_quote cite=”BeyondSalad” url=”http://BeyondSalad.com/profile/beys”]If you’re looking for an interesting path to better health, take baby steps. Just eat a little more fruit than you did yesterday. Don’t worry, it will be delicious![/su_quote]