Nutrition: It’s NOT Just About Food, Part 2
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    (Continued from Part 1) Emotional Poise You sit down to a lovely dinner meal with your beloved. A warm atmosphere pervades. You and your loved one enjoy your first few bites. Then the bomb drops, the argument starts, the atmosphere shatters, … Read More

    Nutrition: It’s NOT Just About Food, Part 1
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    Nutrition is a perennial hot topic, no matter what your diet. And, it seems, almost everyone considers themselves to be experts on the subject. Just ask anyone if they think they eat well, or tell them that you are considering eating a diet made up solely of raw fruits and vegetables, and see what kind of response you get.

    An Experiment in Husbanding
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    “If one was to make their spouse feel more important than any other part of their life, they would experience benefits in all other areas of their life.”