Why 2016 is the Year to Surrender to Vegan Cheese
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Once upon a time, the vegan section of the dairy aisle was more or less a joke, stocked with plastic packets of rubbery, oily, starch-filled “cheeze”—a dubious word that appropriately conveyed just how short it fell compared to its melty, gooey, dairy-born … Read More

How to Fall in Love with Exercise
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Two essential steps to stop hating exercise and start enjoying the benefits   Falling in love with exercise is unlikely if your sole reason for getting sweaty is losing weight. Think of something you absolutely LOVE to do.  Something that … Read More
Mac and Cheeze
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Who loved Mac n’ Cheese as a kid? I know I did! The little round noodles with the creamy cheesy sauce. I haven’t eaten it in years due to the gluten, dairy, and over processed nature of the dish. But now I can indulge again, and you can too with this low fat, raw vegan Mac n’ Cheeze recipe! Yay!

Be sure to make the cheese sauce right before you want to eat. You can prep all the ingredients and have them ready to blend if you have a Vitamix and blend until it’s hot!

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